Why You Should Choose Duraflo Backing for Your Synthetic Grass Project

What is DuraFlo Backing?

Typically synthetic grass is manufactured with a urethane backing system. While urethane is certainly functional, Easylawn is excited to offer Challenger turf products with the DuraFlo backing system. DuraFlo is a polyolefin material that outperforms urethane in just about every category and it is a 100% recyclable product! Some of the advantages of the DuraFlo backing include:


The hot melt polyolefin adhesive systems have been used globally in the heavily regulated geotechnical engineering field for the better part of a decade. These geosynthetic products are designed to be installed under-ground, providing strength and support to engineered soil structures for 100 years and beyond. Furthermore, the specialty carpet industry uses this technology to add value to molded automotive carpets, modular carpets and more. So, the technology is tried and true.


The process incorporates an all polyolefin system which includes:

polyethylene adhesive applied to the back of a tufted griege synthetic turf,
polypropylene nonwoven geotextile is then applied as a secondary backing reinforcement.
low-temperature bonding method, without fillers or bonding agents, completes the process.
No other processes are needed to achieve the required tuft bind, permeability or any other performance properties needed.


Polyolefins absorb almost no moisture, as compared to other backing adhesives such as urethane and latex, which absorb as much as 5% to 6% of their mass. Absorbing and releasing water leads to expansion and con-traction of the turf product as ambient conditions change. With the DuraFlo system, this creeping effect is negligible, and therefore makes a more stable turf system and puts less stress on seams Duraflo does not have a tendency to contract, thus making installation, repairs, and patches more installer friendly!


The DuraFlo process does not need a hole-punch system to create permeability, as do most urethane systems. In fact, with the damaging hole-punch process, Easylawn products with the DuraFlo system are more than twice as permeable as compared to traditional urethane backed product. Perhaps more importantly, our DuraFlo system is far less likely to clog than a hole-punched urethane backed product.


Because the polyolefin material absorbs almost no moisture and drains uniformly, the DuraFlo system helps to prevent pet urine from being trapped on the surface of the turf which in turn helps to control odor issues.


When you look at the benefits that the DuraFlo backing system provides over traditional urethane backings at zero increased cost, it really is an easy decision to make. If you want the best product for your artificial turf project, go with the DuraFlo!

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