Pruning is an important aspect of plant care.  Seasonal pruning can aid in a plants longevity and will allow the shrub to flower more often while promoting new growth.   Pruning is removing parts of the plant to encourage the plants to grow the way you want it to. If you prune correctly when the plants are young, you will have to prune much less later.  But pruning does affect the entire life of the plants.

Trees that are planted when they are small need to have lower branches removed so people will be able to stand or walk under the tree. Limbs do not move up as trees grow. Where they grow will always be the same place and height. Branches just get bigger around and grow outward from the trunk.

Fruit trees you might want to keep pruned lower so you can pick the fruit.  Shrubs can be pruned for shape to make a hedge or to promote blooming.

The following are the general pruning/trimming procedures we follow:

Remove the dead occurring from cold/freezing temps to allow for proper spring growth.  This is done after teh threat for frost has past.

Prune to thin out branches to promote new growth while maintaining the natural shape of the shrub.

Remove branches or growth that may affect people walking on a sidewalk or driveway.

With trees, prune to allow a solid branching structure by shaping the tress to allow branches to grow.  If branches or limbs are hanging over a structure that could endanger pedestrians or cause damage to cars, it may be recommended to remove this branch altogether.  

Keep the pruning style and the preferance of the home owner or community.

Remove dead, diseased and dying plant material to keep the plant healthy and aestheticly pleasing.

Allow shrubs and groundcovers to fill spaces to maximize appearance of vegetation.

If you do not want to study on how to prune, it is much better to hire a professional to prune your yard the first two or three years. Pruning will change the way your landscape develops and will cost less in the long run to fix.

It is impossible to cover everything to maintain your landscape perfectly. If you notice something happening, call and ask us. It is usually something simple and can save your landscape and your money.

With our regularly scheduled maintenance programs, we can ensure homeowners, HOA's and Commercial Properties don't have to worry about how things look.   We have the equipment, supplies and knowledge to take care of the property.