Pergolas can be a great way to add character to your backyard living space. They also supply some shade from the hot New Mexico sun.

Much bigger than an arbor but not closed in like a gazebo, a pergola can be a structure attached to your home or a freestanding element that is the centerpiece of you entire backyard landscape.

Pergolas are generally used over concrete or flagstone patio but can also be a fine option over paths and courtyards. These structures can provide a seating area and can be highlighted with vines or plantings that will climb the posts creating a very comfortable and colorful look.


When building a pergola, you must consider the height and width and be sure it will work with your overall design. Remember, proportion is a very important concept when dealing with landscape design. A major advantage of freestanding structures over attached pergolas is that you can choose the best site for enjoying the landscape rather than being limited by areas near the house.Flagstone Patio Las Cruces

The flagstone patio is a southwest staple in landscape design. It can be found in many colors and is relatively durable and clean. When installed with mortar, it performs much like concrete but with much more flair and a natural southwest appearance. A very nice option for under any sitting area! And as you see below, can be a nice look with artificial lawn in between the pieces.