Landscape Maintenance

pestpic1A nicely kept property can help maintain the property value of any business or home. When you arrive to a nicely manicured property it will impress visitors or customers. It shows that that property owner has pride in his property and gives a sense of pride to all in the neighborhood. We can provide a scheduled landscape maintenance program that is fast and reliable. Easylawn offers residential and commercial property maintenance that includes the following:

- Weekly, Monthly and Bi-Weekly Property and Yard Care
- One-Time Clean Ups
- Lawn Mowing and Trimming
- Weed Control Treatments
- Tree removal and trimming, including palms and cacti
- Winter Lawn Overseeding /Installations
- Fertilization and Aeration
- Flower Bed Installations
- Freeze Protection and De-icing of sidewalks

Our rates start as low as $60 per service, however your final rate is determined by a number of factors including:

Overall access to the area.

Your overall expectations regarding the level of service as more detailed work will require more time on your property.

Your preference on trimming/pruning. Some prefer shrubs to be cut back more than others.

How much grass you have to be mowed and cared for.

The number and type of shrubs and trees on the site.

The general condition of your existing irrigation/drip system. Generally, if we have to replace items in the irrigation, the parts will be billed in addition to. The labor may also, but will depend on the complexity of the repair.

Most services will require a dump charge that is added onto the estimate.

Getting an estimate--

Call to set the appointment. We will meet with you in person to walk the property, and go over the items you wish to have done.

After the appointment, we prepare a written estimate in which we will give to you immediately or email to you for your review. If any revisions are needed, please respond via email or phone so we can send a revised estimate for your final approval.

Start Date and what to expect--

Once you have agreed to the estimate and the work described in it, you will be asked when you would like the service to begin.

The team will do its very best to arrive on the same day and same time on every visit. This does not always happen due to weather or unforseen delays, but for the most part we will maintain this consistency throughout your agreement. If you are not home for the service, we will leave a door hanger stating that we have been to your property and what work was or was not completed.

We bill on the 5th of each month regardless of what day of the month your property was completed. Credit card on file is preferred to ease the billing process.

We proudly serve all of Dona Ana County and Las Cruces including, but not limited to, Sonoma Ranch, Las Alturas, Talavera, Picacho Hills and other areas. We also offer maintenance services for Alamogordo, Deming and El Paso but for commercial properties only.

If your property is not in the above locations, please contact us. We are slowly expanding our coverage area, and may be able to serve your needs.