How does artificial grass perform in the winter months?

As we sit in the dead of winter, we were recently asked how artificial grass would perform and feel when the temps are close to freezing.   I am happy to say that all of Easylawn products and installation techniques will hold up to even the coldest temps.  Generally, we don’t face harsh, cold conditions in the southwest, but as I write this blog it is snowing!

When the grass is cold or frozen,  the blades will feel fairly brittle to the touch, but rest assured, the grass blades will not break or tear.  If the synthetic lawn area is going to have snow on it, it will generally melt faster than the surrounding areas due to the grass acting as a blanket.  The underneath will stay slightly warmer thus melting the snow quicker.

As spring approaches and you feel the itch to improve your property, please keep us in mind for all your landscaping needs.  We also install flagstone, concrete, patio, landscape design, decorative rock and many other things.