Fire Pit

Chilling in front of a backyard fire pit can be the perfect ending to a long, summer day.  The flicker of an open flame has always had a way to soothe the soul.    The scent of burning wood and the embers floating aimlessly into the night has entertained people for ages.

There are several designs that can be used.  Typically in Las Cruces, people will surround the pit with natural stone, windsor block or even flagstone with the fire pit being ground level.

A short and quick guide if you are considering a fire pit:

Select a safe backyard location.   Choose a spot that will provide enough room to safely walk around the fire, away from plants or any other living things that could be damaged by heat.  Also, consider the wind in your yard and the way it may blow smoke from the fire. Finally, think of how many people will be surrounding the fire as that may affect how large you want the pit.

Firebrick can be a useful material should you have a pit that is not in the ground.  You will also need to consider what to use as a decorative edge…cultured stone, natural rock, stackable block or flagstone are all common options when considering a fire pit.   There are several nice portable fire pits that may be a consideration if tight on room.  These pits can be place on a concrete or flagstone patio and easily moved when finished with your fire.

Before calling Circle R to install your fire pit, you may want to browse the internet for ideas as you will find many sites that have great ideas and pictures.

Remember, always extinguish the fire.  It’s generally not a good idea to let the fire go out on its own.   Embers can remain hot for quite some time,  spread the coals at the bottom of the pit and cover them with water until all smoke and steam is gone.

Want a custom fire pit, call Circle R….