Las Cruces New Lawn Sticker-Free & Dog Friendly Now!

In Las Cruces, Mario called because he had an area on his lawn that was full of stickers and goatheads. It was not a friendly area for dogs and general foot traffic. We installed our synthetic lawn to give him a safe area where the dog and people can enjoy the lawn without any worries. We took the old dead grass out, leveled the area nad put in a dog-friendly product that the owners can also enjoy. Mario said he loved everything about the process because it was smooth and the results were what he was hoping we would achieve by giving him a usable area.

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Carlsbad Synthetic Lawn Installation for Pool Company

We were servicing a pool company in Carlsbad, NM.  This was for a synthetic lawn installation off of the Pecos River.  We installed over a compacted base that was at a severe grade.  We installed several areas and eliminated the maintenance in addition to making areas very durable for any use they may encounter.  This installation was to be completed for an upcoming party with New Mexico politicians present.  We knew there was a deadline, but we made sure our quality of work would not suffer.  We were able to complete the job within the week, so when it was time for the event on the following Saturday, the venue was ready.  The homeowners loved the outcome of their new lawn!  The pictures speak for themselves and it looks great with Pecos River in the background!  Click here to read more about the Carlsbad, NM Artificial Grass Experts – Easy Lawn!




Who Invented Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass has been around for several decades, but who actually invented the grass? In the early 1960’s Donald L. Elbert, James M. Faria and Robert T. Wright were all co-inventors of artificial grass, but it was called and sold as “ChemGrass”. It was rebranded and introduced by John A. Wortmann. John A. Wortmann applied the artificial grass at the Houston Astrodome in 1966 and it was an amazing hit. The big company Monsanto acquired Astro Turf brand and began launching Nex Turf. The first World Series was played on artificial grass in 1970.

Artificial grass has drastically improved since the sixties. It is more durable, has an antimicrobial protection, a backing system that allows the grass to drain properly and is environmentally safe. The cost of artificial grass has become more affordable now than it used to be. When it was first introduced, only wealthy people and businesses were able to enjoy and afford artificial grass.

Artificial grass comes in all types of grass styles. It is durable and can last a homeowner for up to twenty-five years! It doesn’t require much maintenance and can be used in any climate. It is versatile, durable and affordable. There are many benefits that a homeowner can expect with artificial grass. One thing that is definite plus with artificial grass is a homeowner doesn’t have to spend their days off taking weeds from the lawn, mowing all day and wasting another weekend due to yard work. Artificial grass almost takes care of itself.

Just investing in artificial grass will increase the value of your property. New homebuyers are looking for homes that have artificial grass installed because it is durable and looks great. If you are looking to upgrade your home and get a big increase in the value at an affordable price, then artificial grass is the way to go.

If you would like more information on artificial grass, then give Easy Lawn a call today. They have been providing quality artificial grass for over thirty years. They are a family owned and operated business who actually cares about their customers and the products they provide.

What Type of Ground is Underneath Artificial Grass?

For artificial grass to look good and last, there is a process that starts under the grass before the artificial grass is even laid down. Without this first process, the artificial grass won’t hold up and last. Only the best artificial grass system starts with a multi-layered backing system and drainage layer.

The ground area where the artificial grass is going will need to be prepped. All dirt, grass and gravel will need to be removed. At least two to three inches of soil will be removed.  A layer of sand will be added first. The sand base will assist in the draining process. A layer of granite or stones will be added next to aid the draining. A drainage pipe is also added. A drainage stone is applied on top of the pipe, then a backing layer is added and has numerous deep holes that take liquid and pulls it from the artificial grass.

The last step before the artificial grass is installed is a backing to provide stability, resiliency and durability. Once the backing has been applied, the artificial grass will be applied. This will lay on top of the backing. The steps seem quite confusing, but when the system comes together, the homeowner has a beautiful and nearly maintenance-free lawn.

The ground installation is very important, if not more than the artificial grass installation. It is vital to have a professional landscaper that is experienced in the preparation. If you choose a landscaper that lacks the knowledge and experienced in this area, you will have major problems later.

Easy Lawn is your experienced and qualified landscaper. With decades of experience, call us for all of your artificial grass installations!

What are the Different Types of Artificial Grass?

Homeowners today have many choices to choose from with artificial grass. When it was first introduced, it was only offered for sports arenas and activity centers. There was one kind of artificial grass and this is what was used, but today the choices seem to be unlimited! A homeowner will be able to have the exact type of artificial grass that they want.

Types of Artificial Grass

  • Performance Series
  • Evergreen
  • Pet
  • Mt. Sierra Series
  • Spring
  • Emerald

Each of these types come in different pile heights. A homeowner can choose from the shade too. Artificial grass can be placed in any area or climate, withstand rough wear and even pets. These types of artificial grass can have a life expectancy of up to twenty years!

Additional Types:

  • Monofilament Synthetic Grass
  • Slit Film
  • Fibrillated

The Monofilament synthetic grass is applied over a base rock layer. This will add for proper drainage of the grass. The Monofilament synthetic grass is the choice that many homeowners select, due to the durability and long-life expectancy that it can offer.

The Alit film is a thicker grass that can sometimes be difficult for draining, which is why the proper base is required for this artificial grass.

The fibrillated synthetic grass offers blades of grass that are thick. This selection is very similar to the blue grass or fescue grass family. It is an excellent choice that looks great and comes with a life expectancy of up to twenty years.

There are all selections and varieties of artificial grass. They look and feel just like regular grass, but without the worry and work that a real grass demands.

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