Artificial Grass Installed, Reducing Maintenance in Las Cruces, NM

Our customer wanted us to install artificial lawn at his residence in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He told us he was tired of spending every weekend pulling weeds, mowing his lawn, and trying to get it to look good. He was also tired of spending so much money and not getting results. EasyLawn understood these complaints and went over the artificial lawn options with him. We arrived promptly to start prepping the ground for the artificial grass installation. The crew worked for two days until the artificial grass was installed, then asked the customer to please take a look before we left. He anxiously looked at his new lawn and said, “I am amazed at the difference. The lawn has never looked so good before. Thank you, so much.” We asked the customer where he heard about our services, and he said he noticed us at a neighbors. He thought their lawn turned out great, but he didn’t think he could afford having the artificial grass installed until he decided to get a bid, and was thrilled at the price. The customer said he would definitely refer us to all his family and friends, because we did a great job, and the price was very affordable.

EasyLawn would like to thank you for trusting us with your lawn. We appreciate when our customers refer our services. We would like to remind you that we offer putting greens, and synthetic grass. If you or your family and friends need our services, then don’t hesitate to contact us at